2nd Grade

2nd Grade

Second Grade Program Overview

The second grade Integrated Curriculum Overarching Concepts and Organizing Ideas are organized along the theme: Second Grade Keeps an Eye on the World. There are six Integrated Curriculum units studied each six weeks. These are the Units studied:

1. Systems: How Do We Connect in Our World?
2. Balance and Stability: Where is Harmony in Our World?
3. Diversity: How Are We Alike and Different in Our World?
4. Continuity and Change: What Impacts Our World?
5. Interactions: How Are Communities Interdependent in Our World?
6. Communication: What Does Evidence Tell Us About Our World?
In addition, second grade teaching focuses on the skills outlined below in reading, language arts and composition, and math.

Students are assessed on a regular basis to determine the appropriate instructional and independent reading level. Some concepts studied include: sequencing, reality/fantasy, classifying information, making predictions, main idea/details, oral summaries, written directions, parts of a book, drawing conclusions, alphabetizing, cause/effect, setting and characterization.

Language Arts and Composition
Students in the second grade will have many experiences in using the writing process such as: prewriting, drafting, writing person experience stories, writing friendly letters, describing pictures, writing informal responses to literature, and describing character, plot and setting. Basic grammar will be studied including parts of speech, punctuation and capitalization.

Second graders are responsible for learning addition facts to 18. They will be able to do subtraction facts from the same "family" (6 + 7 = 13 OR 13 - 7 = 6) By the end of the year students should know the basic facts well enough to respond within 3 seconds. Other math concepts include: rule out irrelevant information in story problems, problem solving, place value, counting money, telling time, measuring length, capacity, and weight using customary and metric units and gather information from pictographs and bar graphs.


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