4th Grade

4th Grade

During the fourth grade year, students learn through the integration of subjects within six units. They are:

Clues That Communicate
Many Faces, Many Places
State of Diversity
Changes Over Time
One Affecting the Other
Mankind and Nature in Harmony

Concepts of Science, Social Studies, Health, and Language Arts are connected through these six units in order to make the learning more meaningful for the students. A primary focus of fourth grade is the study of Texas History, and this topic is carried through the integrated units. In addition to the Integrated Curriculum, the writing process is studied in depth. Graphic organizers are used for learning four formal modes of writing: narrative, classification, persuasive, and how-to. Modeling, peer editing and revising, and holistic scoring are used to help students achieve mastery with the writing process. A final area of instruction in the fourth grade is mathematics. Problem solving strategies are a primary focus. In addition students' skills are developed through in depth study of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division during the school year.

Fourth Grade is Fantastic!


Carole Harmon
Period: English & Science Room: 75

Vicky Watters
Period: Math, Reading & Social Studies Room: