5th Grade

5th Grade

Language Arts
Primary Focal Points - TEKS

Demonstrates competence in general writing skills, strategies of writing process and rhetorical aspects of writing.
Writes with a command of grammatical and mechanical conventions.
Effectively gathers and uses information for research purposes.
Demonstrates competence in general reading skills and strategies of the reading process.

Demonstrates competence in applying reading processes in specific types of literary texts, informational texts, and those of a technical nature.

Demonstrates competence in speaking and listening as tools for learning.
Demonstrates an understanding of the nature/function of the English language

Demonstrates a familiarity with selected literacy works of enduring qualities.

Math Program
Primary Focal Points - TEKS

Compare/contrast lengths, areas, volume of geometric shapes/solids.
Represent/interpet data in graphs, tables, and charts.
Apply whole number operations in a variety of ways.

Students will build a foundation of basic understanding in:

Number, operations, and quantitative reasoning

Patterns, relationships, algebraic thinking



Process tools which underline all content areas in mathematics are:
Problem Solving
Connections within/outside mathematics
Formal/Informal reasoning


Theresa King
Period: Language Arts, Social Studies Room:

Jan McFarland
Period: Math & Science Room: